Saturday, March 28, 2009

Memories of Miles

I got this idea from a lot of the meme's that have been making their rounds on Facebook recently. Things like 25 random things. I thought I'd start keeping track of little stories about my kids, anecdotes of life. Here are some of Miles, I'll keep updating this blog as new ones come along.

  • Age 5 : Miles said to me the other day : "Dad I'm starting to think that Batman isn't real". This is at the stage of Miles life where his favorite toys are : Transformers, Legos, Bionicles, Batman, Lincoln Logs and Ben 10 Alien Force. He's a boys boy. He had a cute worried tone to his voice. I told him : "Your right Miles, Batman isn't real, but he's still cool and I like him and his movies"

  • Age 5 : Sometimes its too easy to give into Miles request for another toy from Target because they keep him entertained for so long. He can really go off into his land of imagination and play and play. We've been trying to teach him the "cost" of these and have been making him earn money before he buys a new toy. We've been giving him chores around the house to make money. He has also been collecting all the change that I put on my night stand or he finds in the dryer. Tonight as he took some change to put in his money box he shut the door and said. "Dad give me one second". Then immediately after he shut it he said : "Actually give me two seconds". I knew something was up. So I gave him 5 seconds and then peeked in the door. He was madly stuffing bills into his money box. I went in and we talked.... I found $69 in bills in his box. He'd taken 2 twenties and 3 fives from my wallet. (He had legitimately earned 14 dollars in chores). He immediately started crying and ran and hid in the closet. We talked about how he can't take any bills from anyone else but change is ok. I pocketed 55 dollars and left him with the rest. Little stinker. :)


Blogger rr said...

Nice Mark...just got your blog I should visit have a great way with words.

5:30 PM  
Blogger staceygriff said...

sad that Miles doesn't think batman is real and that he told you that. it's cute though. I can just hear him telling you. good write up.

3:40 AM  
Blogger Heath694 said...

Ah, Miles. What a cutie. So sad when they realize their heroes aren't actually alive. Isaac is still under the impression that Indiana Jones lives in idea where that came from.

4:17 PM  

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