Wednesday, January 15, 2003



The DLL Hell of windows is MANIFEST.MF in java classloading. J2EE and application's only complicate matters further. Reloading classes dynamically requires classloader hierarchy further adding complexity. I have spent the last day going round and round with this stuff, converting a J2EE application's structure and build system from its existing incarnation to a more rationalized structure and a build system of ant tasks that simplifies things immensely. But just when I thought I was rounding the corner, cross referencing dependencies caused crumbling at the edges.

But its at least better than this cobble.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

My first blog. Why do people blog? Why do people comb their hair in the morning? Why can't I spell?
One thing at a time. To Blog. I was talking with some workmates about why folks blog just today. Cedric has a blog, and so do thousands of others (Blogger claims a million registered viewers now). And supposedly we have bloggers to thank for Mr. Lott's exit. People claim convience and I am sure it is part that, though I wonder if blogging isn't directly related to ego.... I am sure that it is spun as building community, but I suppose its the same reason people write code, cause they get a buzz off people using/reading stuff they wrote. If your gonna blog, don't blog blindly, blog with passion, blog with ambition and blog with your eyes wide open.

Why do I blog? Well why does the caged bird sing?

Why am I doing this at well past midnight?

Because it beats working.

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