Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Anno Geek Reality Show

Reality TV, there have been a plethora of shows out there that have offered a birds eye view into some "real" aspects of life. But there have been no shows that have been oriented around the computer industry. Rob and I one day in our office came up with Anno as the star of a new reality tv show for computer geeks. Here are ideas for episodes.

Episode 1 : Anno and Emacs

In this episode Anno demonstrates his amazing emacs powers. Anno also demonstrates the supremacy of Emacs over VI, and even all other fancy pants editors. A user session at the end of the episodes, has fancy pants editor user's challenge Anno to preform tasks in Emacs.

Episode 2: Make vs. Ant

Watch as Anno demonstrates the power of Make over Ant

Episode 3: Anno encounters the wiki

"hmmmm what is this? A wiki. What is a wiki?, most strange"

Episode 4: Fast Fourier Transform

During a Human Resources presentation at Mike McHugh's staff meeting, Anno implements the worlds fastest Java-based fast fourier transformation algorithm.

Episode 5: The Dragon Book

If you think the Dragon Book has something to do with Hannibal Lector and don't know the true meaning of the Dragon Book, your clearly not a real computer geek. Anno discusses the obscure call by name feature of Algol.

Episode 6: Pivot Tables in Excel

The spread sheet was the original killer app. Combine Anno's power of emacs with the spread sheet AND pivot tables anything can be proven.

Episode 7: Anno's mental model : "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Edward Tufte, famed information design expert, debates Anno's rebuttal to the phrase, "Explain it to me in less than a thousand words".

Episode 8: Anno and the Slave Deployer

"What is this? Its not deploying Slaves" Look into Anno's code review of and his rewrite as and the reasosns why.

Episode 9: Guest Appearance : Rob and Making Drawings

Anno visit's Rob Woollen while Rob attempts to draw state diagrams on his Linux boxing using Linux's drawing programs. "How do I draw a module"

Episode 10: An alternative to XML Schema

Anno is upset with how verbose XML schema is and discusses a proposal to start from lambda-expression model where you'd write emacs-like LISP expressions that would then generate java and schema.

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