Friday, March 04, 2005

Georgia Gilmore

Listened to a great Hidden Kitchens segment on NPR this morning on Georgia Gilmore. There were some great lines in program.

Georgia Gilmore was a civil rights activist who was involved in Alabama with the bus boycots and after getting fired for testifying in court she started cooking out of her home. Of her activisim she said : "You gotta have the get up". Regarding her abilities it was said : "her cooking was on the mama level". She and others organized a group to sell baked goods at Civil Rights rallies and they called themselves them "Club Nowhere".

Its a great show.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

TV on Tivo : Tivo on TV

I was watching LOST tonight, Episode 18, where Hurley flashes back to his life pre-plane wreck when he is watching TV and his Mom is talking to him. Watching him, watching TV, holding the remote, I found myself willing him to push the pause button on his remote just assuming he had to have a Tivo. And then it struck me to wonder: Has a TV show ever showed someone watching TV with a Tivo? I haven't seen it, but wonder if anyone else has? Tivo is the supposed downfall of TV advertising since it allows you to skip commercials. So is there some sort of unwritten rule in TV-land to not show Tivo? Wonder when it will happen? :) Keep your eyes open.

Update : I heard from former co-worker that Sex and the City had a story line that included a character being addicted to her Tivo. Which is what I would have theorized, that pay for cable channels (such as HBO, who don't use commercials) would be the most likely to show Tivo. But what about primtime?

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