Thursday, May 22, 2003

Adventures in the Dirt - Sprinklers

Owning a house is a lot more work than you realize. You lived in them your whole life as a kid, but you were a squatter not a care taker. Being on the other end of the spectrum now things look different. There is a lot of stuff to do, to go wrong, to take care of. Furnace filters for example. Now the tale of sprinklers. This year we had a pretty long wet season. I had my sprinklers off for a long time. (I finally figured out that in the winter it rains and you don't need your sprinklers on). But now that the rain has stopped, the wind has picked up and the dry hot weather has come and its time to turn the sprinklers on. Unfortunately sprinklers are persnickety little buggers and you always gotta be reviewing their state. For example this evening when making the rounds, turning on sprinklers, one of my valves busted and water shot 10 feet in the air. Bet you don't remember that from when you were a kid.

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