Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Shrimp Longhi


12 big shrimp
white wine
lemon juice
crusty french bread
olive oil

Make Garlic Bread

Peel, press garlic
put some olive oil (1/4 cup ?)
put in 1/4 cup of butter
in pan over med to high heat

Dip bread into butter and garlic
put in oven on low broil till brown (WATCH so you don't burn them)
Pour out pan in sink.

Do the Shrimp

Dust the shrimp in flour
put in 1/4 cup of olive oil over med high heat
cook, stiring frequently till cooked (they turn pink), but don't over cook
pour shrimp into bowl and set aside

Do the Sauce

Return pan to heat, pour in 1 cup of white wine (room temperature)
Let reduce by 1/2 volume
pour in fresh lemon juice, usually I do like 2-3 big lemons
Let reduce by 1/2 volume
take 4-6 slices of cold butter and add one at a time, till previous is melted and sauce is "frothy", or coats the back of spoon.
Throw in chopped up tomato and basil with shrimp
Toss together and get shrimp warm

Pour shrimp and sauce over garlic bread and eat

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