Friday, June 11, 2004

Bit about Japan

This is a photo of a couple of fellow BEA employee's at EWorld. Taka to the side and Smitty in the back giving me bunny ears. A couple of thoughts spurred from this photo. First you'll notice I shaved, first time in 7 years, and now that you can see my fat face you'll see why I have a beard. (Besides the fact that it is a real pain to shave, both literally and the time it adds to the grooming cycle.) Secondly and the main thing I wanted to blah blah about is some thoughts and impressions on Japan. I had the opportunity to visit Japan on Business for BEA in winter of 1999 to train the APAC employees on WebLogic. The office was in Yokahama in the Landmark Tower, at the time the tallest building in Japan. BEA's office at the time was on like the 34th floor and I stayed in a hotel that was on the 57th floor.

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