Thursday, September 23, 2004


This is 4 people in an Ice Bar in Sweden. They are from left to right.
Olof (looking very elvish), Helena, Jill Macklem and Anna

This picture poses many questions.
  1. Why are there sprinklers in an ice bar?
  2. Why are they all wearing those really really silly outfits?
    Answer: Because its cold in there, so you get left over James Bond outfits to wear to keep you warm and looking cool
  3. Are the glasses really made of ice?
    Answer : yes
  4. Do the glasses ever ever melt?
    Answer : yes, especially where you put your mouth
  5. Can you eat the glass when your done?
  6. If you don't eat the glass when your done, how do they dispose of them? Can you just smash them on the floor?
    Answer: we just left them on the table and walked out (seems like missed opportunity to me)
  7. Do they ever put ice cubes in any of the drinks?
  8. Can you just get water?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Blueberry Pancakes

Yum, yum! Oh I can't say enough about blueberry pancakes. Especially if the berries are fresh. I would add though that they are no where near as delictable as I recall Huckleberry pancakes being, but while I recently had huckleberries, I didnt make any pancakes. Oh and damn yeah that is a big spatula!

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